Monday, February 8, 2010

Cactus Monday: Phoenix or Baltimore?

This is a picture of a saguaro cactus in the south mountains I took in Phoenix not even a month ago.  A beautiful and warm sunny day it was.  I remember I wore a short sleeve shirt and got a little bit of a suntan from a scenic light hike through some trails.

And this is a picture taken just yesterday in Maryland in front of our house.  We got give or take 30 inches of snow on the ground with my husband shown digging us out.  I bet you can just imagine how all of the roads are out there from the looks of our driveway.  Everyone is pretty much snowbound.  We are expected to get 10 to 20 MORE inches according to from another snow storm tomorrow and Wednesday.  I do have to say, that this is the most snowfall we have seen for one year in quite some time. 

So this leads me to the question.  Phoenix or Baltimore. . . Where would you rather live?  Could those Arizona summers really be all that brutal?