Friday, March 26, 2010

Photo Friday: Pleasure

Running out for a plein air painting session with my best friend on a beautiful day always makes for the most pleasant days!

Friday, March 19, 2010

IF: Expired

Recycle those old expired energy burning household items and make way for the new! 

In celebrating the upcoming Earth Day and the fact that I get to keep my job with CBS Radio Baltimore when I move, I'm posting the cover I illustrated for their annual Eye on Green publication.  Yay work!!!  Work is always good.  In fact, I'm going to see what else I can get into when I get settled in Phoenix.  We move April 21st!

But back on the topic of being green, my husband and I are big advocates.  We started out small, but it's kinda grown on us throughout the years.  We have managed to upgrade mostly all of our appliances to new energy star models.  Compact Fluorescent light bulbs are in every room in the house.  We recycle everything from all recyclable trash items & car fluids (oil, brake & transmission fluids) to old electronics, batteries and donating our old stuff to goodwill.  We even have a built-in water filtration system that was easy to install, and carry reusable aluminum water bottles around.  And the reusable grocery totes. . . I don't do that yet, but it's next on the list.  Wow. . . it sounds like we do a lot, but it really doesn't feel like it!  It's easy once you get into the habit.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cactus Monday: "Rushin' Around"

Last night I was up late working on a project for one of the radio stations I do work for.  I was given 4 days to design a van wrap (YIKES!!!), and the illustration above is sort of similar to the design I submitted today.  I want to keep the real design under "wraps", (har har!) until the production is complete.  With all that is going on, I'm trying to best utilize my time so I can do all of the things I want to do/need to do and still get to submit a post for Cactus Monday.  Please keep in mind that this is super thrown together. 

This concept made me think of two things.

1.  I'll just use my existing art and create a cactus van!
2.  Wouldn't it be super cool to have my little Rav 4 wrapped in my very own design with illustrations?!!!

How cool would that be?  Of course, you would be able to spot me miles away in every direction, and that could be good and bad.  I would have to be less of a lead foot driving around with a shameless self promotion vehicle to avoid getting mean emails since it will be plastered on it.  Unfortunately, I always seem to be in a big hurry kinda like I am today!  Also, I wonder how a vinyl car wrap would withstand a blistering Arizona summer.  Just some random thoughts! 

Friday, March 5, 2010

IF: Brave

Brave.  I'm mustering up every ounce of it to leave the place where I grew up on the East Coast, where most of my family and friends are.  Here's to new adventures, new opportunities and lots-a sunshine!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photo Friday: Cleanliness

Smell that?  That's the smell of clean Arizona air with a clear blue sky.  So yeah. . . I can't get enough of all things Arizona lately and I have to admit, I'm running out of photos!  This was taken at South Mountain Park, right outside of Phoenix. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I don't want to work. . . I just want to scratch on the tablet all day!

And wish Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday.  In honor of him I'm serving up some green eggs and ham, Seuss style!  Dr. Seuss certainly sparked my imagination as a child, and still does to this day with his insightful and playful view of the world through a child-like adult perspective.  I believe a successful childrens' book illustrator must never forget their child-like brand new view of the big wide world, yet apply a certain wisdom gained through life experiences.  And who could do that better then Dr. Seuss?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cactus Monday: "And the moving process begins!"

After a fortunate short time, we now have a contract on our house in Maryland.  Which means we have a moving date!  The closing date is April 20th, so we will probably head out to our new home in Phoenix Arizona right after on the 21'st.  I'm kind of relieved, kind of nervous, happy and sad all at the same time.  Ultimately, I know it will be a grand life adventure that will refresh my artistic spirit with all of the beautiful sights and experiences to enjoy.

I haven't been blogging and doing art as much as I like, and just drawing this simple box with the state of Arizona on it made me so happy.  For now, all of my time first and foremost goes to my family and friends and spending as much quality time with them as I can before we leave.  Half of my studio is packed, with much more packing yet to do and we have a lot of work ahead of us.  I can't wait to get settled and explore all the wonders to be seen out there!