Saturday, March 1, 2008

New crafty stuff - lapis lazuli and cloisenee beads with lotus pendant

I love semi-precious stones. I have a whole giant collection of jewelry supplies, and finished pieces and I only wear a fraction of what I've made. I plan to set up a profile on Etsy and sell the unworn pieces some day, along with other items I make in various mediums.

I haven't been making jewelry lately since I've been focusing on illustrations, but the above piece was inspired by a recent gift I received and I just finished making this one tonight.
I was given Buddhist prayer beads made of lapis lazuli to represent medicine Buddha by a friend and Buddhist Monk named Drimé (dream-ay). NO, the above piece is NOT made of the prayer beads, and they will absolutely never be un-strung. I had purchased the beads above online at Fire Mountain Gems. It was a very special unexpected gift to me, a gift to give me hope as I have recently lost my Father to lung cancer, and my Mother is battling lung cancer as well. Going through this has changed my life, and my beliefs, especially being with my father when he passed. I started taking meditation classes with my friend Dawn on Tuesdays, heald by Drimé, and it has helped me with my grief tremendously, as well as staying focused on what is important. Wearing these lapis beads with the lotus will remind me of that.

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Dawn said...

Looks really good. Good story too. Just always remember to "Just Let Go."