Thursday, March 19, 2009

Junk food polymer clay magnets!

Cheeseburger and French Fries anyone?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

I made these polymer clay magnets for some upcoming birthday presents. My brother-in-law has an unhealthy obsession with fast food, particularly cheeseburgers and fries. I thought it would be cute to make him a cheeseburger, then fries and then I thought. . . I should make some Krispy Kremes for my father-in-law! He has an equally guilty pleasure for those guys. So hopefully they won't check my blog before their birthday party on Saturday. Cheeseburger and doughnuts are roughly the size of a quarter.

Anyone have any special requests to see in my Etsy shop? I'll make whatever you want, either in clay or felt with no obligation to buy. . . because I just can't stop making stuff!

Miss Diana Evans is next on my list for felted cupcakes.


Diana Evans said...

oh my goodness!!! these are amazing pieces!!! I am so excited to see what you will be making next....I love love love food!!! and these are as cute as should also make these into pendants...that would be cool!!!

Can you also make a slice of cake with a nice strawberry on top ....yummm!!! I wish we lived close to eachother...we could get together and make stuff out fo polymer clay....I haven't made a cupcake in ages...

oh and I can't wait to see what you will be putting in your shop are amazing!!!!

and thanks for the treats....


Cindy DiBlasi said...

How fun would that be if we lived close? We would have a blast crafting together!!! Plus, I'd be over your house all the time for dinner too, but don't worry I'll bring a scrumptious dessert. :)

You know Diana, you really aren't THAT far from me for a weekend roadtrip. I would love to meet up with you one of these days!

So you got it my friend. Slice of cake pendant with strawberry on top. :)

Diana Evans said...

oh that is a great idea!!! we should plan for a weekend and do all kind sof fun things...and eat fun foods....hehehe...maybe this summer would be perfect!!!

oh I can't wait to see your next pieces....these clay creations are so cute!!! every detail is just your sesame seed cute!!!

Cindy DiBlasi said...

That sounds wonderful, I'd love that! And summer is perfect. Of course I'd be bringing the hubby, and he is itching to take his new car on a long roadtrip. Got any good bed and breakfast joints around there?

I have to stop myself with the details sometimes, it's borderline neurotic! That hamburger is even flame-grilled! :D

life without novacaine said...

Oh Cindy. You are so multi talented! I just LOVE your clay food items. Would you make a hamburger and fries and piece of cake and some sushi for me? They are SOOOO cute! If you can, send me an email when you put them up on Etsy and if it's too much to do, I'll just wait patiently (or unpatiently) until you have time or the desire.
I am jealous that you and Diana will be meeting this summer. I wish I lived close by too!
Happy Monday!

Cock Yer Doodle said...

Yep, I'll take one of those, and oooh, 3 of those...
Damn, those Krispy Kremes look tasty.
Cindy, you continually blow me away with your awesome talents. :)

Jasmijn Paauwe said...

these look so yummy and can you say...CUTE!!!!

Dawn said...

The look good in the pics and in person. But I like the plate of bacon and chicken you made for Mike more recently. I am also very glad to have been there to watch your creative process. You really are talented. (and obsessive) but that's part of the talent. Great stuff.