Thursday, June 11, 2009

IF: Craving

I'm craving some quality time with my best friend. Vacationing at Dewey Beach, and having a Venus Flytrap martini at our favorite hang-out spot. C'mon girlie. . . what are we waiting for?!!!

Per request, here is the recipe:

1 oz Lime Juice
1oz Melon Liqueur
2 oz Tequila
1 oz Triple Sec

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a MARTINI glass. Yes, it's more of a Margarita, but this is how it is presented, garnished with a slice of star fruit. I'm always one for breaking rules. And besides, everything is yummier in a martini glass!


Mi Ja said...

i hear ya! Lovely illustration! Never had a venus flytrap martini, and will now have to look up the recipe for one! Hope you get to relax this weekend anyway!

Diana Evans said...

oh what a great illo and sounds like you have so much fun when you meet up with your friends....

never had one of those martinis...sounds interesting!!!

Glad to see you posting!!!


Christine said...

Yours looks better than the real thing!!!! So when are we going? Sunday and Mondays are good for me!

Dawn said...

Have you gotten some time in with Chrissy? I hope so, you need a break! Oh. You just had one at the beach with Mike. I hope all is well. I have not had one of these. Maybe you could make one for me when we get a chance to meet up for next week. Ok?