Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo Friday: Seaside

Beautiful seaside walk around the island Garrafon in Mexico


Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! that is some view Cynthia!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


life without novacaine said...

Oh my. If this is what you are looking at right now, I am so jealous! Gorgeous photo!
I LOVE your new header! It looks so clean and artsy! Nice job.
Hope you are well. Thanks for the book recommendations, I look forward to the one by Kurt Cloninger as I have never heard of it. I have done the Artist Way about 15 years ago and I just might have to dig it back out. It was a good one.

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

It would be so nice to be looking at this right now! Although it looked like absolute paradise, it was hotter than a sauna!

Good luck Deborah, with getting your creative batteries re-charged. I really enjoyed that book, and found it very helpful.

Dawn said...

Nice pic.