Friday, November 6, 2009

Photo of Times Square in New York, for my friend Diana

Ok, so when we meet up Diana, we should do the touristy thing and ride one of these things down the street!  As long as it's not too cold.  :)  Mmmmm, maybe some hot choclate at Serendipity too!


Christine said...

Was this our first trip to NY? This was the craziest thing I ever saw in TimeSquare!

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

I believe it was! Let's go back soon. :)

Diana Evans said...


This is such a great shot!!! I love are so did I miss this post....I was just popping by to tell you that you are the name Cole picked for my October Giveaway!!! I can't wait to create a custom piece just for e-mail me a photo and I will create a watercolour for you!!!

I can't wait till we can meet up in NY!!!!

Have a wonderful night and sending you hugsssssssssss


life without novacaine said...

When are you going to NYC? Lucky ducky! I am green with envy.