Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well look what I got myself into!

After what seems like a long absence from my last post, I decided to take on a big project to make up for it.  Yes that's right, I signed up for the 2011 Sketchbook Project and got my sketchbook in the mail today.  Excited!!!  All boxes have been unpacked, furniture has been re-arranged a billion times in the new house and now I am ready to get back into my creative routine. 

So what is this Sketchbook Project you ask?  It is described to be like a concert tour but with sketchbooks.  My little sketchbook along with thousands of others, will make it's way around the country for all to see.  It will have a barcode on the back so I can track how many times it has been viewed.  After the tour, it will arrive to it's permanent home at the Brooklyn Art Library in NY.  Which makes me happy, because I have a good friend in Brooklyn who can check it out whenever the mood strikes.  Keep an eye on her for me Bridgette!

Each sketchbook has a theme, and I chose "Adhere to Me".  I'm not quite sure exactly how I will execute the theme, but you can count on  things being adhered with adhesives.  Maybe a cut and paste is in order of all of my archived sketch books throughout the years.  Maybe some collages.  Maybe a little of both.  Will it tell a story?  I don't know.  We shall see how it evolves!


Julie said...

What a fun project!!! What fun to see it when it is all filled up!!! Good luck!

life without novacaine said...

Hooray! I can't wait to see your progress!

SO good to finally meet you in person today my friend! You are every bit as lovely live as you are on the web. Thank you so much for letting me wisk you out for some breakfast and a chat... I am once again, honored to be your friend.

Hope your drive to AZ went smoothly. I forgot it was a holiday so I hope you didn't encounter much traffic!

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Deborah, it was so very nice to meet you today, and spend some good quality time chit chatting about it all. I wish I could have had more time with you, but I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet up! You are an amazing lady.

The ride home was a breeze, no traffic. Let me know if you ever want to visit the Phoenix area, I'll show you around town and spoil you a little bit. :)

Evelyn said...

Wow, a number of people have got into this. Good luck and no doubt, you will have loads of fun.

Diana Evans said...

oh how cool is that!!! I did that years ago and it was so much fun!!!