Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What are YOU doing on New Years Eve?

Yes, I'm desperate here for some new posts. This is an ad that I did for "M" magazine, and the first issue will be out in November. That would be "M" for Mix 106.5, one of the radio stations I work for. I dug in my archives and used some of my old artwork for it since it was convenient.

Which leads me to the question. . . and I thought this would be fun for my fellow bloggers. What are YOU doing on New Years Eve? OR what was the best time you have ever had on New Years Eve? Have any neat traditions? Crazy stories? Inquiring minds wanna know!

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Dawn said...

So that's what your purse will look like when you finish it? You know the one hanging over your desk in the studio? Finish it! And atleast you confessed to the old art thing. Stop using your old stuff and come up with something new. Please... By the way, New Years Eve was spent at home in my pj's and watched the ball drop. Then went to bed emmidiately afterwards.