Monday, January 4, 2010

Cactus Monday: Howlin' at the Moon

This is a repeat illustration from back in March, but I have been sick with a cold and trying to pack on top of that and get rid of things to get our house ready to sell.  I thought it appropriate to eventually re-post this particular illustration for Cactus Monday, because back in March is when we first thought about moving to Phoenix, Arizona.  Click here to read the original post.

The company my husband works for closed it's once headquarters here in Columbia MD, and he has been working from home now for a few months.  Now the option is relocate, or find another job.  This silly little dream of packing up our stuff and moving cross country is now a reality!!!  In my mind, I can clearly see the beautiful Arizona landscape illuminated by the twilight sky and brilliant stars, sitting at the fire pit alongside our pool, sippin' on some wine.  And maybe hearing a random howl or yip somewhere out there in the distance.


Evelyn Howard said...

HCM Cynthia. Hope you get well soon, and good luck with the move.

Teri C said...

Oh boy, which part of the state are you moving to. Such excitement!!

I love this illo.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This illio is worth repeating. HCM. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Teri, we are thinking of finding a house in Chandler. . . somewhere right outside the city Phoenix. We fly out on the 13th this month in hopes to find a house. GIDDY!!!

Teri C said...

We are in Tucson which is about 100 miles from Chandler. DH's daughter lives in Tempe which is not far from Chandler. You should be able to find a nice house with the market the way it is.

The 13th is close.WHOOHOO for you! Let us know how things are going.

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Absolutely, I will! I hope I can keep up with illustrating and blogging, with all that is going on. Thanks to Diana Evans, for telling me about Cactus Monday. . . how perfect!

And houses here in MD are much more expensive, so we are really going to make out well. I hope!!!

Margaret Ann said...

This is really beautiful...the sunsets this week were quite similar to this! Nothing can beat Arizona in the winter...summers...weeell they are something else! :)

Hope you find a place that is just perfect! :)

marianne said...

Oh Cynthia, how exciting!
I think I would love to change cold winter for Arizona!
Hope your dreams will come true!
The illo is great!!


Jenea said...

I have seen for the first time this wonderfull work! It's really very profesionaly! :) Happy Cactus Tuesday! ;)

yoon see said...

Hello Cynthia DiBlasi!

Take care and all the best to you in this beautiful 2010. May you get all that you wish.


Diana Evans said...

Hi Cynthia!!!!

oh how cool!!! I am so happy to see you posting some more of your wonderful work!!! I love seeing your work no matter how old it is...and I am so sorry to hear that you are ill....hope you get much better soon!!!

you are so sweet by the way...your messages always make my day!!!

Thank you for being such an angel to me!!!

P.S. ....I am so excited for you and the move....that is a big step!!! you will have a wonderful time...just enjoy it and look at it as a wonderful opportunity!!!