Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cactus Monday: "The Trip"

They're not all stickers.

I am completely in love with the landscaping in Phoenix.  This is one of the houses we looked at.

A beautiful grand Saguaro in front of this house we also looked at.  Later we found out that to obtain one of these costs a few grand, and special papers are needed to prove that it was obtained legally since they take 75 or so years to even develop a second limb.  Doh!

A view of the city of Phoenix from South Mountains.

Saguaros were everywhere. . . so beautiful!

The base of the South Mountains.  Hey, is that a coyote?  Probably just a lost little dog.

The trip was amazing. . . especially the weather, the houses were beautiful, and the surroundings were so inspiring.  I have the smell of sage burned into my memory visiting a house decorated with beautiful unique southwestern art, and it made me want to get back into pottery and get my hands muddy.  The galleries in Scottsdale look so inviting and I can't wait to just submerge myself into the art world and get lost there.  Now all we are waiting for is to sell our house in Maryland!  


Julie said...

Oh, how wonderful that you are really getting to move!!! I'm sure you will love it so much in AZ!!! Beautiful shots of Pheonix! Happy Cactus Monday!

marianne said...

Oh Cynthia I love the first house but the second has that "special" tree in front of it.
Must be fun house hunting there!
Hope you will find a wonderful home!
Happy Cactus Monday!

soulbrush said...

oooh yes i love the houses too, what a beautiful spot to live in, hcm fellow cactuteer.

Teri C said...

I feel your excitement for moving to this beautiful area. Soon, the beautiful skies will be waiting for you.
Good luck selling your house there.


Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Cynthia
Looks like a busy time for you, but how exciting!! Your photos are great. Good luck, and HCM.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is a unique area. I hope you get your house sold soon so you can move. Love the giant saguaro in front of the two story house. WOW. HCM.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Cynthia!!! oh wow!!! the landscaping is so so neat!!! what a wonderful change from the cold weather places....I can't wait till you get your new home!!! I may have to visit!!!


Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Thank you all for the good luck wishes! I hope we sell our house soon too, and acquire one with a "special" tree. That would be sweet!!!

Diana, you don't even have to ask. Just tell me when you are coming! :)

life without novacaine said...

Wow, you already came and went! The houses you looked at are lovely and what a stately cactus in front! This is going to be an exciting adventure for you, 2010 holds great things!

Margaret Ann said...

Great shots! It is so easy to fall in love here...sending good thoughts your way...:)HCM!