Monday, May 24, 2010

Cactus Monday: Prickly Pear Bloom

Yesterday I went out and got myself a new Moleskine sketchbook and some new pens for sketching.  I really had my eyes peeled for a watercolor Moleskine, but didn't find one.  So I decided to see how it worked on the first page, a heavier stock.  I also wanted to get a set of Windsor and Newton watercolors in palette form so I can easily stash them in my purse with the Moleskine along with a portable brush that is hollow to act as a water reservoir.  Have you ever seen them?  They are pretty cool!  The only one I could find was this extremely cheap set found here.  Determined to make this work, I tried it with what supplies I had.  You can't tell, but the page is really wavy from the water. . . and I knew that would happen.  I just had to do it anyway and get it out of my system! 

Do you ever do that?  Ignore the rules and try to make your idea happen anyway, and use whatever you have on hand to make it work?  Well, I feel much more satisfied that I tried, I'll tell you that! 


Lynn said...

Lovely cactus painting!!! Love the details.
Thanks for coming to my blog today and leaving yoru thoughtful comment. It is much appreciated. I invite you to return often.

Teri C said...

Oh I like this! The colors are great.
New art supplies are always so fun to use and get acquainted with. I do have 4 of those water pens with brushes in different sizes.

I have also used the non-watercolor Moleskines. I like them but if you use WC on them, you need to put a small drop of liquid soap in your water. That breaks the surface tension of the paper making it easier to use.


Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Teri, that is awesome! That's the first I have ever heard of that and I will be sure to try it. Thanks!!!

Julie said...

I like it!!! I am the queen of mAking due with what I have on hand! Sorry you didn't find a waterdolor moleskin tho!

Ah-ha...I just read Teri's comment about using the drop of genius!!!

Diana Evans said...

Oh this is fantastic Cynthia!!! I wanted a cool watercolour moleskine ...but didn't find one either so I purchased my own 140 lb french watercolour paper and cut the pad myself....then I stash them in my purse and am always ready for painting....I picked up a set of portable watercolour paints ...they are all walmart of all a pinch they are perfect....they are a good name too...I just am too lazy to go look at the pack right now....

but I love this and love that you are creating!!!


marianne said...

I bought a watercolor moleskine at Blick's a while ago. They are lovely
And I always use those travelbrushes too!

Your cactus looks great!

marianne said...

PS Great tip by Teri!

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I'm so eager to try out this new info. I wound up working in acrylics tonight!!! Soon enough, though.