Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday sketching with the Phoenix sketch group

Charcoal and ink on chipboard

Charcoal on chipboard
Yesterday I met up with the sketch group in Phoenix at Vision Gallery for some life drawing.  These two sketches are the last two 30 minute poses that I'm content with.  I say content, because I still feel there's room for improvement with my sketches.  Its so funny how you can get so easily out of practice if you are not continuously working in all different mediums and sketching all of the time.  

I found myself bringing an array of different drawing supplies and surfaces to see what works best.  Out of the different charcoals, graphite pencils and even watercolors, I wound up grabbing an ink pen not intended for drawing and found that I liked that best, go figure!  I also really like the idea of a darker surface to add white highlights.  

I've been hearing about using chipboard from other bloggers and YouTube demonstrations that my group organizer Annie has been posting.  Having a stock-pile of that stuff for a few years intending to use it for binding books, I put it to good use for a drawing surface.  I love the drama it creates with the speckled texture and light and dark charcoals and ink.  

Getting back into drawing without the trusty Wacom tablet feels great!  Not to mention finding a drawing group and making other creative friends in the area.  I'm so glad I found my little sketch group!


Teri C said...

They look great!! How wonderful to find a sketch group so quickly and they sound great.

ChaosInColor said...

Your standing pose turned out great. Mine looked like a giant Amazon woman for some reason, so I didn't even bother to upload it.

Julie said...

These are really awesome!!! Love the dark paper with white highlights!

padmaja said...

Your sketches are beautiful Cynthia, the flow of your lines is excellent!