Monday, October 18, 2010

Sketchcrawl 10-16-10 at the Phoenix Zoo, and the after party

A day at the zoo for a sketching marathon = lotsa fun!  I haven't been to the zoo since I was a kid, and had a blast.  I met up with a local group I belong to called Sketchydoodle, and we all hung out and sketched together representing the Phoenix group for the worldwide SketchCrawl.  Above is just a few of us crawlers.  

Here are some of my watercolor sketches from the day, in order completed:
 First sketch.  A handsome and curious little turkey vulture preening his feathers, watching us sketchers and enjoying the attention.

Depressed rhino with his snout in the mud.

One horned gazelle basking in the sun and being a perfect still model.

 Pink squawky Flamingos fluffing their feathers, establishing the pecking order.

Following the zoo was the after party, purple themed with wine and chocolate.  What fun!  One of the group members hosted a party at their house and hired a model, Crystal, who is a burlesque/fire/belly dancer.  Those gals make for great models, with those flamboyant costumes and artful makeup.  I decided to keep it simple and did an ok job. . . considering that I had a few glasses of wine!  What do you think? 


jyothisethu said...

these pictures are very beautiful and interesting...

Diana Evans said...

oh my heavens Cynthia!!! this sounds and looks like a wonderful time!!! you lucky girl!!!

I wish more illustrators lived close to me so we could do cool things!!!

You are awesome!!!

life without novacaine said...

Wow, what a cool group to belong to! I love your illos and your live model ones are fabulous, wine and all! Sounds like a really fun day.

Thanks for the link to the photoshop site... awesome effects on photography! There are so many steps, I am afraid I'm a little intimidated by them. Please show your befores and afters if you do these effects! I bet you will be terrific at them.

Have a GR8 weekend!

Teri C said...

Sounds like a perfect day!! Fun illos and your model is perfect.

Evelyn said...

Wow, sounds like a fantastic day. I would love to attend a drawing session woth a burlesque/fire/belly dancer.