Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo Friday: Art

I have a good collection of photography I have taken on this weeks topic, but I opted on choosing a series of photos that I am most proud of, instead of choosing the most artistic shot of art that I have taken.

Above is a picture of my cousin Allison, who I have painstakingly guided in her art education. Allison is a sophomore at an art magnet school and is currently majoring in sculpting. This particular piece she is sculpting was the determining piece of her major, when she was a freshman.

My Husband and I took her on vacation with us to the ocean on Memorial Day weekend as we were meeting up with other family members. Knowing we would be spending some dreaded hours in the car I had her work on her sculpture. There is always a project this poor girl is trying to finish. And vacation or not, I made her work! Any extra free time we had we took advantage of. And of course, she forgot her tools. No matter, we improvised! In the photo above, she is using a pen and I am sitting in the back seat as her hand model, and her project task was to sculpt a hand.

By the time we got back, she was almost done. I had her sit for another hour at my kitchen table before I took her home to add the final details.

And as you can see by her smiling face, she was proud of the work she had accomplished. And we only had to work on the sculpture in the car and were able to enjoy our vacation.
How is that for spending time in Memorial weekend traffic!

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Dawn said...

Most outstanding. I like this one. alison and you both worked hard to accomplish a common goal and had a great time doing it. Beautiful!!!
Now do some new stuff!!!