Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inspire me Thursday: Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière

This week's IMT prompt is inspired by the French Neoclassical artist Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' portrait of Mademoiselle Caroline, currently residing in the Louvre.  The task is to create a piece of art using the Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière image provided on the IMT site.

Curious of the history of this piece, I Wiki'ed. And the critics, naturally, were all over it.

In 2003, the art critic Jonathan Jones remarked of the painting:
The sexuality Ingres usually reserved for harem fantasies slips over into the real and respectable world in this charged portrait. His obviously intense visual relationship with his subject and his contentment to look, with a clinical waxy fetishism, at Mademoiselle Rivière's full lips, bared neck, long gloves and spectacularly serpentine boa, lend this picture drama."

A couple of things crossed my mind.
1. I would have never saw that.
2. How dare he view that poor young innocent girl as a piece of meat! 
3. What artist doesn't have an intense visual relationship with their subject?!!!   
4. Elongated neck.  Hmmm.  I'm really loving the work of Lori Earley.  Maybe I'll transform her in a similar style, exaggerating the artist's work with his critic's delusional comment.
5. (After beginning the photoshopping) Naaaa, changed my mind.  I'll just adjust the colors, add some depth in shadows and highlights, and correct some of the bits that bother me.  Hence the background I changed into a fancy boudoir and her slightly played-up makeup.

So that is my take!


josh pincus is crying said...

nice job! i see a future in painting restoration.

dandelion dreamer said...

What a difference those catchlights make in her eyes and the blue background is a great improvement!Moira

Lisa Graves said...

Brilliant!!!! Just brilliant! I love it.

Diana Evans said...

oh so coollllllllllll!!! I love it Cynthia!!! I will have to take a crack at this challenge...what fun and I love that you looked up the info for us!!! you are wonderful and your altered piece is perfection!!!!


linda said...

Amazing! Your altered piece is about skill! Woo!

melanie said...

wow, this is FABULOUS!! I love your new version!

Ele said...

I like your version much better, so much more alive! IMT? Is that a website? I would like to try. Hey thanks for your wonderful comments. You are aweso Let's get together soon!