Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspire me Thursday: Wings

This is my angel, Carol.

Carol and I were gifted something very special by a mutual friend of ours, who all of the sudden was struck with the most beautiful genius idea.

But first, before I tell you about the gift, let me give you a little background.  Carol is no stranger to great loss, and neither am I.  We didn't fall to pieces completely, or at least we didn't stay there and wallow in our sadness.  Instead, we picked ourselves up, and changed our minds about the way we would deal.  And we both have a deeper appreciation for life because of it.  We tend not to take things so seriously, to be extra silly about life in general.  To never let anyone steal our sunshine metaphorically speaking.  But from time to time, we forget.  It's easy.

So this mutual friend of ours, "Bridgette", wanted to commission me to do a painting.  A gift for Carol who lost her Dad, knowing that I could sympathize.  It was to be of a painting of a butterfly (special to her and her Dad) with "Dado" worked into the design.  She contacted me right before I was about to leave for a trip overseas.  And coincidentally, Bridgette lives in New York City, and I happened to have a connecting flight at JFK with a very long layover.  We thought, PERFECT!  We could catch up on everything and talk about this painting and have a few drinks!  Well. . . my flight was delayed hour by hour until finally they canceled it due to bad weather.  So there Bridgette sat. . . ALL day long at JFK all by herself getting toasted, probably falling off the bar stool and apparently dancing on some trashcans or something, that silly girl.  When the idea struck her.

When I came back from my trip, a care package came in the mail with two cards, and a beautiful butterfly magnet.  Two separate packages were sent, one for Carol and one for myself with identical things inside.  I should add that Carol and I did not know each other, never met.  The first card read:

Miracles are everywhere. . . 
. . .simply awaiting that moment when we slow down, take a deep breath, and open, really open, our eyes.

Dear Cindy and Carol,

I am sending you both the same card all the way through.  The magnet is symbolic of Dado and Mom, (our parents).  I had commissioned Cindy to do a butterfly portrait incorporating "Dado" into the wing design.  But when I contacted Cindy to arrange the details, she was beginning a journey that involved crossed roads and missed encounters.  It was in some ways a quirky sort of miracle that manifested angels.  You see:  each of you to me shares a resonance with each other in your yearning.  You both have a wisdom that comes of grief and knowing you both live a legacy of the poignancy of loss, that honors the parent you accompanied on the journey away.  There are no words enough to explain this.  Only know I have assigned you as angels to each other and remain unknown and yet majestic, elusive yet inspiring as like butterflies of the spirit you are.


The second card was a musical card that played Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere over the Rainbow", and the butterfly magnet nested neatly inside.  It just worked, and that song will always be extra special to both Carol and I.  And we cried and cried with surprise and joy at the thought of this magnificent gift we were given.  Can you imagine getting a package in the mail like that?  That girl Bridgette is a genius I'm telling you!

So right away, Carol and I became friends on Facebook and chat with each other just about every day.  There have been lots of emails, talking about our parents and life in general.  We feel completely comfortable just opening up and bearing our soul.  We just clicked.  Instant friendship, like we've known each other forever.  We were completely humbled at the thought of this beautiful gift, and treat it so.  We are each other's angels.  To protect, guide, inspire, offer support and keep our minds light and happy.  To be a shoulder to cry on when we're not.  Thank you Carol, for being just that.  And thank you Bridgette, for the incredible gift!


Diana Evans said...

Hi Cynthia....what a beautiful read...and how amazing to connect with new friends through like experiences....you are always an inspiration and I have to say that this piece is amazing!!! I love this angel....the wings are mysterious and dark....but somehow there is light ....I love it and I am so happy we met !!!


Cyn Narcisi said...

An absolutely beautiful story, Cynthia. Thank you for sharing it here.

Cyn Narcisi said...

An absolutely beautiful story, Cynthia. Thank you for sharing it here.