Monday, June 21, 2010

Cactus Monday: Our New House

We found it!  And much sooner than anticipated.  This house was just on the market for one day, and we snatched it right up. . . unknowingly beating another couples' bid.  Can you believe that?  It pretty much has everything we are looking for, except for that big Saguaro in the front yard I was really, really hoping for!  But let's be realistic, those things cost some big bucks.  So I'll just quick Photoshop one in from my sketchbook and dream, LOL!

We settle July 19th.  So in the meantime, I'll be doing lots of sketches of yard concepts.  I'm thinking desert in the front, maybe a few Palms off to the sides and in the back.  The back especially needs work.  We got an incredible big lot full of rocks, and I'd love to make it nice and lush.  Any suggestions or recommended landscapers in the Chandler area from my fellow AZ friends would be greatly appreciated!  Wow.  This is exciting and intimidating taking on this big project.  I'm so glad we finally found our house!


Margaret Ann said...

What a beauty!!! Love that you have planted your own digital saguaro...:)

As far as landscapers in the Chandler area go...can't help you...I live in the NW valley...BUT something you might consider is finding a property you love the landscaping of and asking who they had design it...I know that has worked really well for many of our neighbors...Good luck...Happy Home Purchase...and Happy Cactus Monday!

Julie said...

Wowzers...what a gorgeous place, Cynthia!!! Just great! The saguaro is an awesome addition! LOL! :)

Living in Florida, in tropical area, I cannot help you with AZ yard design...but it will be such fun, fun, fun!!! YEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Happy Cactus Monday!

Teri C said...

Gorgeous house and the cactus addition is perfect! lol
I agree with Margaret on her suggestion. Sounds perfect. You will have a lot of fun decorating.


life without novacaine said...

Congratulations! It was so meant to be! Love your photoshop cactus... even more so than the real ones!