Monday, June 28, 2010

Cactus Monday: Quail with a Prickly Pear

A quick whimsy and loose little 4" x 6" study on balsa wood with acrylic paint and pen.  I have a bunch of these cut to size, and think that they would make perfect mini paintings to keep around while in the middle of moving again.  Paint has been calling me back, and that's all I want to do lately!   

The inspiration for this piece is this past weekend's full moon I was admiring, and the stately little quails I often see on evening walks.  The scenery and the wildlife is very different around here, and so inspiring!


Teri C said...

Oh Cynthia I just love this!!!!!!!!! The colors are so bright and beautiful and the scene is perfect.
Painting will sure take your mind off all the work.

I've never tried acrylics but you make me want to.


Julie said...

Now you have me wondering...can you use pen over top of acrylics, or did you do the pen first? Dumb question, I'm sure. LOL. This is so neat. I have not seen a quail and cactus painting before...very very cool!!!

You got me thinking maybe I should try a cactus tole painting. I have taken classes in this, but had stopped. Maybe it is time again.
xoxo- Julie

Diana Evans said...

This looks awesome Cynthia!!! I love it...the colours are fantastic!!!

How is everything going? I am so thrilled to see you creating!!!


marianne said...

Wow this is fantastic!
What a lovely image!


Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Thank you for the awesome comments everyone! I completely threw out all the rules with this. Un-gessoed wood, acrylic paint with use of black and PEN of all things! Just trying to do something different and have fun with it.

Julie, I used the pen last. And I never heard of a tole painting, had to look it up, LOL! I've seen them though.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Wow Cynthia this is so wonderful! You are quite an artist and I love this so much. The colors you use are right up my alley. My house is 5 different southwestern colors.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. I would like to follow your blog and hope you would follow mine and we could be friends.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Its so pretty!!

Leslie said...

This is lovely!