Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 3 of 21 Creative Excercise Challenge

Jeesie Peasie, I have been busy!!! Friday I worked a 12 hour day, and it's been impossible to even take a breather for 15 minutes. I also need to tend to my freelance clients. I'm falling behind! Above is a concept sketch I did while having my morning coffee, and it certainly is not postworthy. However the purpose of this 21 day exercise is to do something creative for at least 15 minutes every day and I am certainly making the effort. I realized also that I need to buy some watercolor paper, as I had stated in my previous post that I wanted to try. Diana the watercolor queen seems to have a good system going that I wanted to also try. When I have time to even go to the store, I will try I promise!
So the image above was inspired by Kwanzan cherry blossom flowers I've seen in bloom, dropping their petals and blowing in the spring breeze. Those particular blooms remind me of my favorite tree I would climb next to my house as a child growing up, and the bird songs in the morning. I want to try to paint this image in Photoshop using my tablet, since I need watercolor supplies!


Diana Evans said...

Hi it! wow a 12 hour day friday...yikesssss....I'm glad you're still posting with your hectic schedule...I enjoy popping by to see what's new!

have a wonderful day!

Tom Barrett said...

This is certainly post worthy. I think it is great, and look forward to the color version. Working in Photoshop can be quite a challenge, but definitely worth the effort!

Paola said...

This drawing is very nice and your childhood memories give it a special meaning.
I can't decide which of your previous posts I like better, the colored version is perfect, but you are right about freshness in sketches :)

Dawn said...

I still say your crazy not to demand more for your time and efforts at ABC. But oh well. As for the sketch...understanding that you were hurried excuses you for now. But I know that with a little spit and polish you could turn this into something that would stop time.