Sunday, May 4, 2008

Photo Friday: My little secret

Shhhhhh!!! My little secret is that once in a while I disregard silly little rules and take pictures in museums that won't allow photography. (Yes Diana, no flash!) Shown above is a sneak shot of ole' Bill Clinton at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. I love the quote on the pedestal, and that's what prompted me to take this photo.

Bill Clinton, former president of the USA on his little secret exposed:

"I've learned a lot from the stories of my Uncle, Aunts, and Grandparents told me: that no one is perfect but most people are good; that people can't be judged only by their weakest moments; that harsh judgments can make hypocrites of us all; that a lot of life is just showing up and hanging on; that laughter is often the best, and sometimes the only response to pain."
-President William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton, 2005

I feel bad for ole' Willy and the humiliation he suffered from the media. At the same time, I was disgusted by his actions. Not the type of weak behavior you want to see from the leader of your Country. I have noticed that in our modern times, the old boys club rules no longer apply as they did in the past. In his autobiography "My Life", he tried to justify his actions by comparing himself to Kennedy, an amazing president, who also had affairs. As a reader, I just felt sorry for him. It's a beautiful quote none the less, and I agree with it. We are human, we all make mistakes. After all, our country was in great shape during his term and he should also be remembered for that.


Diana Evans said...

hahahaha...I have done that too...I love taking photos in art galleries and flash ofcourse...but still fun to capture a moment in time...

Cool work!

Dawn said...

Don't get me started on Willy. All I have to say's good to be the King! So long as you are doing your job, don't care about the rest. Any way...bad Cindy, no!!!