Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photo Friday: Fire

I couldn't decide which photo to upload for this prompt, so I chose two. And I think they need to co-exist together. I took these photos on the same night two summers ago at my Mom's beach house. We love to have bonfires, and relax outside at the end of the night.

When I look back at the photo I took of a close up of the bonfire, I see a phoenix bursting into flames. The photo on the right is my face illuminated by the fire. Looking back, I have been through so much pain and sadness in such a short time since then, with the loss of my Father and my Mother being very sick struggling with cancer. Both suffered from/with lung cancer. I don't blog about it often or talk about it, but I have been really thinking about it lately and how it has changed me. My outlook on life, and how it is so precious and short. How life as we know it is so impermanent. About existence after death. I neglected to do much art before I started this blog in January, and since then it has certainly made me feel alive again. . . stirring something in my soul. Through this journey of being strong for my Mother and through my sadness I feel that I am preparing myself to be ready to rise from the ashes a renewed person with a true sense of purpose and duty. I feel a magnificent painting in the works!


Diana Evans said...

oh what fun! bon fires are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

princesstomato said...

cynthia, thanks for posting this. i was just thinking so many of these same thoughts this past hour, and then, boom! came to your post. wow. hang in there, sweetie. i am experiencing the same types of growing pains myself. lung cancer is just wicked. i so wish that nobody ever had to suffer from it. sorry that your family has been affected by it, too. :(

Dawn said...

You have become the pheonix my dear. Now you need to paint her coming from out of the darkness. I'll bring over more wine if you need me to, to get you started.