Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hubby's b-day present 1 - Soldered picture frame

Hubby's birthday is in just a few days and I'm taking a chance and posting his presents I've made. He is a busy guy and never checks my blog, so I thought I'd post some new art that I've done. Above is a photo of us getting ready to watch the sunset on the beach. I used some pressed flowers and ivy leaves from our wedding as a meaningful decorative element. The collage is pressed between two panes of glass that I cut and grinded, and is soldered shut. I've also added bent and hammered decorative wire soldered onto it. This is my first attempt at soldered pieces like this one, but I'm hooked so there will be more!


Dawn said...

Very nice. It looks very nicely and patiently done. I'm glad you took the time to work with your new medium.
In my anti-pink opinion, the back ground should have been periwinkle! Hee Hee

Cindy DiBlasi said...

It should have been some kind of blue hue. The flowers were an afterthought, and it was too late! The background is actually red, but looks pink in the photo because of my lazy photography and not fooling with the lighting.