Friday, April 18, 2008

Photo Friday: Cold - Nutcracker dancers "Snowflakes"

So the photo isn't exactly "cold", but these girls are in costume dancing as snowflakes so I thought it would be appropriate. My friend Dawn has a daughter who is a phenomenal ballet dancer, and she happens to be dancing in the background. Every year I make it a point to see her dance performance in the nutcracker. This particular picture reminds me of a Degas painting. I love the magenta stage lighting, the motion blur of the dancers and the pose of the queen snowflake in the foreground.


Diana Evans said...

this photo is much fun!

Dawn said...

The photo is wonderful. And it really does look like a Degas. Problem is, it's not my daughter. Ah! That's ok. But I really think you need to stop with the photo's and start with the art work. You are a graphic designer are you not?