Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hubby's b-day present 2: acryllic kitty portrait

If I had more patience, I would have tried to get a better picture of this. I used a high gloss varnish and that is always difficult to photograph. High gloss varnish always makes the colors so yummy and lustrous and I use it every chance I get. Anyways, I'm not one to do pet portraits. Sometimes they can come off looking very cheesy. But the hubby has always asked for one of his beloved princess Gracie cat. We have had her for 10 years and other than quick study sketches, this is her first portrait. I tried to capture her diva-esque personality but she seems to just look mad. I hope he likes it!


Diana Evans said...

WOW Cynthia...this painting is wonderful...he will love it..

great work!


Dawn said...

Nice work my dear. This really shows how much more indepth you are about your art now. Very rich, deep, and full of texture. Acrylic, right? Sigh, I guess it is what best works for you. Again with the slimming of the kittyl You should have made her the truly robust queen that she is! This thin princess is indifferent where Gracy is very much on top. There is a difference.
Keep up the great NEW works. I like this one, it's just not Gracy.

Cindy DiBlasi said...

DAWN, jeesh!!! You are so hard on me! Well, I think it looks like her. Let's see what Mike thinks! And my art has gotten much looser than what it used to be. I had to do this one quickly with the schedule I've had this past week. One sitting. BAM! Now if I could just do that every day I would be set.