Friday, November 7, 2008

Ads ads and more ads. Hey CBS ya got any more ads for me???

Ok so I really should not rant, because my job just did some major firing and I'm still working. And I'm fortunate that I have had this job while taking care of my Mom, because they allowed me to do lots of work from home. But good gawd I am bombed with ads and it's only going to get worse come Monday morning! And usually I leave a little early, to beat rush hour traffic. Which is horrendous if I get caught in it. Needless to say I'm having a cocktail right now to chill out. But I was just trying my best to churn those bad boys out today so I can enjoy the weekend!

I'm really liking these new blog prompts for Inspire me Thursday and Illus. Friday. I was hoping to work on them this weekend, but I've got like 5 more ads to do before Monday!!! It never ends!!! Well, at least I can say that they are fun to work on, and I'm getting some creative exercise. It's much better than doing flow charts and diagrams any day.

Below are a choice few that I have done.

Ummm, yeah. Can I have this for myself please?
I bet it's absolutely dee-lightful.

Top 10 gifts I WOULDN'T get him! No, seriously my Husband would NOT like getting a bracelet. The other 9 items weren't so bad.

Searching for photos for this ad made me REALLY hungry!

This place looks really cool. Stumbling blocks from Federal Hill is a big plus.
I'll take that 4 million dollar condo please!

Hmmmm, I wonder what this would taste like with some Vodka and Triple Sec! :P

My co-worker Charlie and I think corn is funny.
So I put it on the gift card!

The only thing I would really want from this list is the spa gift certificate and tickets to a Broadway show. I usually make my own jewelry. And I'm over the ridiculous handbag hooplah, too expensive and too boot-legged.

Now that I'm lit from these cocktails and it's 8:00, I'm asking myself that very question.
Glad my husband isin't complaining!

After dinner, I would LOVE to have this for dessert!
I included page 2 in case any of you would like to try to make it,
because I know I will someday.

And these too!


Candace Trew Camling said...

those were really fun to look at....I love handmade handbags, but I gotta confess, my coach bags are faves too!! Ugh! I fell for the hype!

Cindy DiBlasi said...

I know Candace, girls really love their handbags with a passion! I confess, I was guilty of it once too!
I just don't really care for monogrammed stuff, like big "Cs" and "LVs" and all. I like swirlies, sparklies, neat textures like silk brocades and micro suedes. I tried to make my own handbag, but I'm not finished yet! Following patterns is really tough, and I'm not that great at sewing. I should post a picture of it so you can see!

5 little greenbeans said...

You are so talented Cindy!
The world is lucky to have you in it....xoxox

Dawn said...

Wow! I had no idea how much work you have been doing and doing so well with CBS (not ABC) and I love it. You really are world class. Keep it up no matter what. You were born to do this.