Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quality time in the studio with my lil' protégé.

So this weekend I picked up my Allison for no other reason than to spend some quality time with her. Ahhh, to be 16 again. . . she makes me laugh with the silly things she says and does! It's really refreshing having her around. And she just loves coming over to my house. Usually we get into some kind of art project, or she has an art project for school that I help her with. This time we were thinking up some things that she could make for the family's ornament exchange party. While she was digging around in my studio for ideas and supplies, she came across a knitting project that I had neglected and tossed into a bin of yarn. She said, "ooooh, this looks so soft and comfy!" I have no idea what my intentions were with it, but it was too big to be a scarf. So what was I to do? Make her a pillow out of it! Embellished with a pretty pink sparkly heart of course with the most difficult yarn I could find!
That's a pic of Allie squeezing her new pillow above. And a rare shot at that, she usually has black nail polish on, my little emo girl. Below is a picture she took of herself, playing with the lights in my studio. I was off cooking dinner while she was doing a myspace photo shoot. . .
So there you go, another crafty project by me. My first knitted post too! Eeeek, I need to get started on MY ornaments!!!


5 little greenbeans said...

Okay hang on a are you saying we're not 16 anymore?
Do you know how weird it was for me to just hear you say that you like having a 16 year old around?
Holy Macintosh how did we get to be 30 sumthin? Huh? Tell me...cause I remember when allie was an itty bitty little girl.
..errr wait a sec, CAELEIGH will be 16 in 3 more years....who pushed life's fast forward button?

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun Cynthia....I love getting into some art projects...when my niece comes over she always asks if I have everything is a riot...

lovely knitted pillow...

Have a wonderful day!!!


Cock Yer Doodle said...

Hey, great project. :) I can't knit worth beans but I can crochet, go figure.

Btw, you've been tagged! Details are on my blogaroo. :)


Dawn said...

so when do we want to start that sweeter? Nice home spun yarn pillow.