Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well HELLO Mr. Murphy!

Murphy's Law: "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way."

I know this is an art blog, but I just have to vent.

Great. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and yours truly decides to host her very first Thanksgiving dinner for both my family and my Husband's. I have cooked my share of turkey dinners with all the trimmings, but this is on a MUCH larger scale. I decide I want to do this because my Mom was always the one to host dinner on Thanksgiving. She loved to entertain and was the best cook ever. I wanted to do this in her memory.

So today, I'm sitting at the dining room table with my laptop and I notice our pretty new laminate floor is buckling. Hmmmm. I decide to prepare dinner, and inform my husband as soon as he gets home. Five seconds of me getting into the story of the floor, he immediately discovers the problem, strips out of his work clothes and tears out everything from under the sink. It is a sopping mess!!!! Upon tinkering with the pipes under the sink, water starts spraying wildly under there and I run downstairs to shut off the water. Takes me a good minute to find it and time is of the essence! So when I do find it and start to go back upstairs, I hear water dripping from the downstairs bathroom ceiling. My Hubby, being the silly guy that he is, installed a speaker in his bathroom ceiling so he won't miss a single moment in his hockey games while watching TV downstairs. Water is dripping like crazy from the speaker!!! Oh and later we discovered that it made it's way to the laundry room ceiling too!

So right now, my kitchen is being torn apart and the floor is being pulled up. I'm absolutely beside myself. He already went to Home Depot, got new valves and pipes and fixed the leak, what a great man. I hope I have a kitchen floor for Thanksgiving!!!

Curious kitties: What's going on here?

Laughing about it, calming me down and taking care of business.

Thanksgiving update!

So given the circumstances, I thought I was going to have to cancel the Thanksgiving feast. My Stepfather brought up the idea of having it at his & my Mom's house. He said of course YOU will be the cook! So how perfect could this be, I will be the cook in my Mother's home, cooking dinner for the family in her honor at her house, the place that we always have had it! We all need to heal from her being sick and her loss. And now we can create more happy memories in her home, feeling her love surrounding us with all of her favorite things, pulling out her pretty china collection she took so much pride in, and I know that would make her so happy. Everyone else seems to really like this idea too. Did this happen for a reason or what?

After Thanksgiving Update!

Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success! It felt great to be in my Mom's kitchen and having one more gathering at her house. Everyone really loved being there, and dinner turned out perfect.

I had a potato mishap the night before, (I was prepping the casserole dishes and spilled half of the cooked potatoes in the sink straining them!) and my Aunt Barb (lady in black shirt) came to my rescue with another bag. I call her Aunt Scrubbie because she compulsively cleans! There's no scooping potatoes out of the sink and serving them in my family!!! All the women are super neat freaks. She stayed and helped me and we had so much fun. Maybe she stayed to make sure I washed that turkey good enough, LOL!

See that other lady in the green looking at the camera? She's my godmother, Aunt Di. . . I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. I probably wouldn't have even pursued art. I could go on and on about all of them in this pic, especially my Stepdad, who made this possible.
I'm so Thankful for my family, now more than ever.

Oh, and my kitchen floor is repaired and good as new!


Diana Evans said...

Oh bless your heart Cynthia...I hope everything clears up...but it will make for some great memories...and nice that you are hosting Thanksgiving for both sides of your family....

I know that everyone will have a wonderful time and be thankful to have you in their lives....

Keep us posted!!!


Daisyarrow said...

With Mr. DiBlasi around you can tell Mr. Murphy to take a hike. I think Mike must have watched a lil too much MaGiver when he was a kid...well it's paying off famously for you sista!
Magiver and Matha sitting in a tree.....
Dinner will be amazing,just wish I could be there!

Cindy DiBlasi said...

Oh my Gawd, I'm I married to McGuiver or what??? Or Mr. Go Go Gadget!
Now if I could only be consistently organized like Martha, "a place for everything and everything in it's place", we'd be set!

Dawn said...

Karma has a way of ripening in a bad way so that you can then ripen it in a good way.