Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daily Art Stop - Decor Tuesday - "Vignettes Everywhere!"

A new blog prompt from Diana Evans' Daily Art stop!

"If you look at the definition of a vignette...it is simply a pleasing small view. So think of it as a little scene on a bookshelf, a corner table, coffee table, or anywhere in your home.....the key to having a special vignette is to keep it you. Vignettes should embody a theme of your special loves, colours or happy finds from your travels."

A glimpse of vignettes in my art room.

Should I even show you? This is the only room in my house that does not make sense for any home decor enthusiast! I randomly hang everything on the walls, from t-squares to palettes, baskets with stuff in them, random pictures, weird objects. . . you name it! It's also pretty much the only room in the house that is white. ONLY because color walls can reflect color on a canvas or other surface I may be working on. So. . . here's a little glimpse!

The top of one of my bookshelves. No, that's not a REAL taxidermied raven, he's made out of styrofoam and feathers that I purchased at Michaels. I thought he would be happy hanging out with my Edgar Allan Poe book. Poe is a Baltimore native, did you know?

The candle on top of this supply organizer is an "Our lady of artistic inspiration candle" I found in an art museum gift shop. I got it years ago, and she is still hanging around. Notice the Diana Evans cupcake artwork on the wall! I want to get that matted and hang it in my kitchen. And that fish thingie hanging on the wall, an old friend made it and gave it to me. It's great for holding little things like paper clips.

Here is a view of all the mix matched things hanging on the wall above, including that drawing I tried to throw away twice! Most of this stuff gets rearranged all over the room now and then. You should see the rest of the room! Maybe someday I'll show ya. I have some great lighting in there in the daytime.


Diana Evans said...

Hi Cynthia!!!

These are amazing vignettes!!! I love each and every one...I love studios as they are full of inspiration and very personal and fun vignettes....

I am so thrilled that you posted this...

Wonderful post!!!


Candace Trew Camling said...

I love being able to see inside of other people's spaces! I love your vignettes!

Dawn said...

Well, I must say the studio has changed since these pictures were taken, but you may have wanted to actually get in closer on just one thing. Narrow the view down to a single subject and blur the rest. Just a suggestion to make things more interesting and creative.