Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IF: 100%

100% focused that is, working diligently in my studio. I decided to try out my new Wacom tablet drawing a self portrait in Illustrator, fitting of my new year's resolution to be a more productive artist. Hopefully there will be many more posts to come and that I don't get sidetracked again!


studio lolo said...

I really like this! The devilish character outside the window, the floating palette and the T-square almost looking like a cross. Lots of symbolism in this post, even if you didn't mean it!

Anonymous said...

i like to tease you, but your art really is good. it is definitely a talent i was not blessed with, so i am in awe of those who were.

badly drawn girl said...

Studio lolo: Wow, I would have never seen it like that! It's neat how others perceive your work that you yourself may be totally oblivious to. I'm big on symbolism when painting in more of a classic method, so it's neat that you brought that up. Lots of hidden stuff surfaces when working on a good piece, most of the time unconsciously. That's the beauty of it, and the fuel for the compulsion to create. I feel like painting now!
Funny thing is, that is how my studio actually looks. White walls minus the pink, but T-square and palette are hanging neatly on the wall. Now if I hear a tapping and a rapping at the window I may get worried! :P