Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zune Arts Video - le Cadeau du Temps

I came across this site featuring video shorts promoting the new Microsoft Zune mp3 player, titled My impression of Zune Arts is Microsoft's attempt to market the Zune player to hip creative types such as the mass of Apple customers, with cool videos and indie rock soundtracks. All of the videos were visually stunning, with "le Cadeau du Temps" featured above, being my favorite. Let me first point out that I found out the creator of "le Cadeau du Temps" posts on Illustration Friday as well under the blog name "Light Night Rains"by Corey Godbey. I was thrilled to read about his whole process of creating le Cadeau du Temps, and made me appreciate it even more so. Everything in this video just flows beautifully. The story, the music and the style of the illustration are beautifully rendered. Check out for a visual treat.
For a brief second, I thought about getting a Zune. I was sad to see that they are not competitive with Apple's iPod prices. I used to have an iPod that I miss terribly, as it had plenty of room to keep my whole music and audible collection. Being at the time a DC commuter, I kept my iPod plugged in my glove box and it suffered the bumps from city driving and weather conditions when I would leave it in there overnight. I now have an iPhone that I absolutely love, but unfortunately it only holds 8GB compared to an 80GB iPod that would hold my entire library. That bad boy stays with me at all times! I also purchased my iPhone about 20 days before Apple decided to lower the cost, and that left a bitter taste in my mouth. Still however, unless the Zune player comes down in price, I'm not sold on the product.

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