Friday, January 18, 2008

Painting inspired by a dream

I was inspired to post this painting that I did some years back after viewing my new IF friend Studio Lolo's post for "Plain". Her blogs are so eloquently written and just as much as an art form as the paintings she posts. Just beautiful. Her last work posted featuring giant pears and guardian raven was inspired by a reoccurring dream. It reminded me of a series of dreams that had that I still can't shake.
Some of the greatest artists reveal that their best work had been inspired from their dreams. VanGogh's Starry Night, Steven King's novels by his nightmares. . . I try to really pay attention to my dreams and use them as gifts of inspiration. Visually, I don't think I've captured the magic or the feeling it evoked. As you see it is just a field with swirls blowing across, half twilight, half daylight. I think it would be best rendered as a short multimedia film. Maybe someday, when I learn how to do it!
In the dream, I was running through a plowed barren field, being chased by a shadowy figure. The further into the field I ran and the faster, the crops would grow taller and taller until they were ripe with purple fruit. The night turned into day as I ran. The shadowy figure remained in the dark plowed field, running in place and unable to reach me. Then I had found myself transported in the dream sitting at a table, on a ship. Everything was white. White sky, horizon, table, dishes, the ship. . . everything except for the vibrant juicy purple fruit cut open on a dish in front of me. Wow, what a great dream!
My husband, being the awesome guy that he is took me on a trip to Nappa Valley shortly after so I could be in purple fruit field heaven. I've had an affinity for wine and painting vineyards ever since!

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Curious Art said...

Just visiting your site for the first time. Lots of great stuff. This one especially... I'm a huge fan of dreams & dream art. This is beautiful... must have been a hell of a great dream!