Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photo Friday: Disastrous

Does this make my ashes look big?

This week's theme for Photo Friday is disastrous. I tend to be the type of glorified photographer who seeks out the beauty in things wherever I go, looking for inspiration for my next piece. So I don't have many disastrous fire flame and brimstone photos in my digital archive.
This photo of an urn was taken at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. If you are ever visiting Baltimore, this gem of a museum is an absolutely must see. The urn was created by Nancy Josephson. I like her work, it's fun! To most people, I would think that they would find it "disastrous" to have to spend eternity in such a tacky, gaudy urn. I however think that's what makes it great. Just for display purposes though, not for practical use!


studio lolo said...

Okay, now this is hilarious!! It's like a bank I saw in a fine gift shop not long ago. There was a nice picture of Jesus wrapped around the bank with the words "Jesus Saves." Again, funny!

I'd love to see your purple fruit dreams.

sketched out said...

I love this! Sooooo irreverently funny!