Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IF: Stitches

The original inspiration for this piece came from viewing my friend's illustration post for the "girl friday" illustration challenge. Being that we are having a friendly draw-off rivalry thing going on, I boasted that I could draw a hotter girl than him. Honestly I think he did pretty good! Shhhhh, don't tell him I said that. Sometimes some healthy constructive criticism among friends is exactly what we need to keep us at the top of our game, when everyone else says our work is fabulous. After all, that helps us grow, right? Well. . . I never even started mine, so I guess he won that one! My husband however, did supply me with a lingerie catalog for reference and inside I found this cute bustier and placed it on a wire dress form instead of a girl. I thought, hey, this would be good for "stitches"! I made it look like an upscale taylor shop, inspired by my interest in sewing. All was drawn in Illustrator using the brush tool. I wanted to add a few more touches but for some reason the file was corrupted when I re-opened to finish! Shewww. Glad I saved a version in Photoshop!
So with that being said, and this being my VERY FIRST post on the IF forum, I'm expecting some good constructive criticism (after what I had stated), if any! It's all good, I can take it!


-David Poe said...

I really like your work!
It's very elegant in the line work... sadly there are only three pieces to look at so far.

It feels a little thrown togather. I like the frame tying everything in, but the composition doesnt do anything to maintain a cohesive illustration. I love the drawn parts of this, and the color is subtle and nice. I think if the composition and format had been taken into consideration a little more; maybe weight considered in each item or distance from the viewer - this would be a great spot illustration.

badly drawn girl said...

Great feedback, thanks!!! I absolutely agree with you, and I've been cought taking a short cut to finish early. I did a quick sketch where there were 2 dressforms, one in the distance with a dress on it, intricate wallpaper with a scroll design in the stripes and tiled floor. I tend to get too symetrical with my work, so I always try to mix it up. Unfortunately while I was still playing with the colors and placement, the file became corrupted and I was forced to be finished unless I re-drew it! Trying to make a long story short. . . I discovered that there is a common bug with Illustrator CS2 when using the brush tool where files get corrupted. Error code 50 I think? Hmmmph.
Hang tight, there will be plenty more artwork, as I have just started this blog 2 days ago!

Patrick said...

Very well drawn. I really dig the linework in the bustier and the wireframe. Very graceful with a really nice flow and alot of character (even tho it's not on a character). Great colors too.

Forever Young said...

love it, and love your name, evocative, welcome and look forward to seeing your stuff.